Keeping the Gamer in Mind

Understanding the needs of real gamers is key in developing a quality product. As gamers ourselves, we understand that it needs to be affordable, functional, durable, and visually appealing. Portable Warfare does field testing in a real gaming environment with real gamers before a product gets the seal of approval.

Portable Warfare has partnered with PHD to provide the finest foam trays in the industry. Their Bl├╝ foam trays are built with the same philosphy as Portable Warfare. It is all about the gamer. The rounded corners help the trays to sit better in soft sided miniature cases like the Portable Warfare bags. Having those rounded corners also helps with removing the trays from the bag. The characteristic blue padding of each tray was developed so that the overall tray has enough stiffness to support heavy metal miniatures, but that it is also soft enough to offer good protection.